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Drift sees Bumblebee is injured and he's running like a maniac after the man who did it like "THAT'S MY BABY YOU S.O.B!!!!!" While Crosshairs stays by Bee and covers him.
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Bumblebee sees the Autobots has he family. Optimus is the Dad, Drift and Crosshairs are older brothers and Hounds the uncle. Tho sometimes Drift can be an overprotective mother hen when Bee is in danger.
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Yes good this is perf.

Drift also sings when he thinks he's alone and he sits on the edge of the balcony of his apartment when loose strands of hair have wind blowing through it and he's very solemn as he does it. He doesn't see Crosshairs watching and listening while leaning on the door frame.
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Oooo, that’s actually really cute.

Drift sings old Japanese hymns and before he joined the Autobots he would sing after a battle in honor of his fallen comrades.
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Awh, that’s pretty sad 8[

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